Dr. Joe Pelerin

There’s Something Different About Meadowbrook Dental

You’ve heard the line a thousand times – the one about something being “as much fun as a trip to the dentist.”

But there are four reasons why every visit to Meadowbrook Dental will be an enjoyable one for you:

  • We make you feel comfortable, and we consider every option to eliminate pain from gentle touch to the use of N2O (laughing gas).
  • We deliver quality care and the quality of caring.
  • We help you get the kind of smile you’ve always wanted.
  • We make you feel like family!

It’s a Matter of Trust – Our patients trust us because they know we will keep them comfortable while recommending and delivering the best dentistry possible.

About Dr. Joe Pelerin

Joseph J. Pelerin, DDS graduated from the University of Detroit Mercy Dental School in 1973. After practicing general dentistry in Massachusetts for two years, he returned to Michigan and has been practicing in Oakland County since 1975.

During his career, Dr. Pelerin has become proficient in all phases of general dentistry, but has had particular emphasis on cosmetic dentistry, some of which can be seen on the website with some very extreme makeovers.

He is a member of various national, state, and county dental associations.

Dr. Pelerin, during his career, has constantly sought to improve his operative dentistry skills and has been constantly taking courses in all phases of operative dentistry to improve his skills. The yearning to constantly provide better dental care has, in some cases; lead him to create new dental products.

Dr. Pelerin has received twelve patents for dental devices and has formed two separate companies. One of these companies is called Advantage Dental Products, Inc., which can be viewed atwww.advantagedentalinc.com. This company has numerous products Dr. Pelerin has created. One in particular is called Hemaseal & Cide, which is responsible for saving tens of thousands of root canals across the nation.

The second company is Grind Guard Technologies, LCC. It can be viewed at www.grindgaurdn.com. It has been featured on Fox 2 News.

Over the last few years, Dr. Pelerin has become more involved in treating patients with obstructive sleep apnea. In that regard, he has taken numerous courses to improve his skills and has also joined the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. He will work closely with sleep clinics and sleep physicians to ensure the best possible treatment for his patients that seek dental appliance therapy for their sleep apnea and snoring problems. He has also had his staff become trained in how to bill the appliances to the major medical insurances, something that many dentists can’t do.

Dr. Pelerin has not just been doctor, but also a patient of clenching, grinding and snoring. He has worn, and has had successful results from, these devises himself. This gives him deeper insight in how to treat his patients on a higher level.